We believe that educating the customer about their aerobic septic system is the best maintenance plan a homeowner can have. You can access this information at any time by clicking on the links below.

  • Do aerobic septic systems have to be cleaned out?
  • What do I do if an alarm and/or alarm light comes on?
  • Is my septic system supposed to run all the time?
  • Is my septic system supposed to be making a noise?
  • Why does my aerobic system smell?
  • I have a odor in my home, is that due to my aerobic system?
  • Should my alarm and sprinklers activate continually during and/or after rain?
  • Do I have to add chlorine?
  • Is there a difference between pumping and cleaning the septic?
  • What should I do if I'm purchasing a home with aerobic/septic system?
  • Can I use a liquid chlorinator?

All septic systems must be cleaned out every 3-5 years

Check your breakers to ensure power is getting to your aerobic system. If your breakers have not been tripped, contact us immediately.

Yes, your aerobic system is designed to run on a continual basis. If your air pump is not running contact us.

Your air pump will make a continual humming noise. However, if you are hearing a loud obnoxious buzzing noise; your septic alarm is on. Check your breakers to ensure power is getting to your septic system. If your breakers have not been tripped, contact us immediately.

Verify that aerobic system mechanical/electrical components are working properly. If it is a mechanical problem, it is often due to a malfunctioning air system. Contact us immediately.

Odors inside the home are usually a result of plumbing issues.

Most septic systems take on ground water when it rains. This can cause your water level to rise which will activate your high water alarm and spray heads. After it stops raining, most septic systems will correct themselves. If not, contact us immediately.

Yes, it is a law that you must maintain chlorine in an aerobic septic system at all times.

Yes. Pumping is simply removing water and some of the floating solids from your septic tanks. Cleaning is the processes of professionally removing all the water and compacted sludge that has accumulated in the bottom of the tanks.

When purchasing a home with septic system it is recommended that you request to have the system cleaned and inspected. Cleaning will start you out fresh and inspecting the system will ensure that you know your septic system is in good condition when you move in. If the system is not up to code or performing well, the inspection will give you the opportunity to require proper repairs prior to closing on the house. To schedule your cleaning and inspection contact us today.

Yes, you can only use an approved chlorination device. Call to get yours installed today 972-338-5883. read more...